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Top Important Facts To Know About Memory Care Units

Why Memory Care Is Necessary

Just like all other muscles, the brain should be strengthened to maintain and to live a healthy lifestyle. For some people, who have long term effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, the memory care unit is very essential.
As per the current research, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for around 60-70% of Dementia cases, which minimizes the ability of a person to perform daily tasks. However, there’s no miracle cure for these diseases; which have unluckily touched so many lives as well as families. But there’s an availability of a few ways to improve symptoms, from memory loss to the inability to focus and pay attention to the daily chores.

Understanding The Memory Care Unit

The first and foremost step to knowing how to aid a loved one suffering from the symptoms of Dementia is to get the service in the specifically designed fields, namely ‘Memory Care Unit’. This field is quite essential and is dedicated to work out the brain, just like any other muscles.

Instead of lifting weights, many memory care units offer opportunities to interact the patients in an enriching atmosphere, that’ll build their cognitive functions and reduce the temporary effects of the symptoms. However, the memory care unit is a long term facility, that offers necessary assistance to a person experiencing issues with memory to maintain a higher level of freedom, by allowing this person to get the safety and security in a quick response from the professional staffs.

What Makes a Memory care Unit So Unique!!

Memory Care Unit specializes in providing treatment options to cater the requirements, needs of the seniors or those people, who’re suffering from Dementia.

A memory care program often includes the following features:
  • A safe, secure and welcoming environment to eliminate elopement, while letting the patients for healthy wandering around.
  • A minimal staff-to-resident ratio.
  • Sensory based programming details.
  • Color coded designs and hallways to ensure easy, stress-free navigation and reduce the anxiety level.
  • The ultimate ability to accommodate residents in their primary, middle and late stages of the disease.

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